Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Goswitch

How long does it take to switch energy suppliers?

We will always apply for the day after your current contract ends. Most suppliers take up to 30 days to switch you over if you are out of contract, but this will differ for each supplier. We will update you with an estimated start date as soon as we have it for you.

Can I contact someone to talk about my contract options?

Please email, and one of our advisors will be able to help you.

Do I need to submit termination with my current supplier?

You do not need to do this first, but it is always better to get a head start. If possible, submit termination and pay any outstanding invoices.

What is a Letter Of Authority? 

An LOA enables Goswitch (or any other third-party intermediary) to process the contract on your behalf. When you switch energy contracts with us, you must consent to Goswitch acting on your behalf. We can then get started on your switch.

How many suppliers do you work with?

Goswitch works with 65+ suppliers. This number can change as more suppliers enter and leave the market. We're always looking to build strong relationships with new suppliers.

Do you handle the switch? 

Yes, once you've signed your documents through DocuSign, you can sit back and relax. We take your signed contracts and other supporting documents to the new supplier to lock the contract in for you. You'll receive an email from us once this is complete. Finally, you'll receive a welcome pack from the supplier with your new contract, terms and conditions, and other helpful information.

Are you impartial? 

Yes, we are proud that we don't promote any supplier or contract for financial gain. We filter the results for you by lowest price first. You should control who supplies your energy and how long for.

Will I pay Goswitch or receive a bill from Goswitch?

No, never! We are not a supplier and will never bill you for electricity or gas. Your bill will be from the supplier you choose.

Is your comparison service free?

The Goswitch comparison tool is free. If you decide to go ahead and switch, we will receive a commission from the supplier, which is included in the prices we quote.

What happens if my supplier fails, goes bankrupt or through the SoLR process?

If this happens to your supplier, the first step is for the entity to try and be sold. If this isn't possible, Ofgem will intervene and evoke the SoLR process and appoint another supplier to take on the customers of the failed suppliers. You can find more on the intricacies of the process here. Our main advice is to remain with your current supplier until a new one is assigned.

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