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Why Goswitch?

Goswitch has been born out of frustration and a clear need for change in an industry that has historically been complex and widely misunderstood. We have a clear mandate, create an unbiased comparison service that will help people compare business energy suppliers and help businesses save money on energy bills. We wanted to do it all online without the need to talk to anyone, so that a business owner can see all of the facts themselves and make their own decisions on switching business energy supplier. We cut out all of the hard work, find you the best deal for your business, and show you how much you could save. It's as simple as that, just a few clicks and you're on the way to switching business energy suppliers.

Once you've selected your new gas and electricity deal, you sign the contracts and we take care of the rest. Ensuring a smooth transition from one business energy supplier to the next. Read on to find out more about our comparison service and our customers FAQ's.

How do I switch my business energy?

When it comes to switching your business energy supplier it couldn't be more simple with a comparison site like Goswitch. We ask you for some basic information about your business and gas and electricity supplies, then generate a quote comparing as many commercial energy suppliers as possible. You will then see a list of business energy deals on our comparison tool, we always rank them in lowest cost first so you can see exactly who is offering the best deal for your business and how much you could save.

You can find all of the information you need to switch business energy suppliers on one of your recent energy bills. If you are looking to save money on a business electricity deal, you will need the MPAN(meter point administration number) (10), current contract end date (3) and estimated annual consumption. Some energy suppliers will give you an estimated annual consumption on each bill. If not you can work it out by taking the amount of kWh used on the bill(11), divide by the number of days the bill is for(4), and times by 365 to give the estimated annual consumption. here's an example of a supplier bill with the kWh and contract end date highlighted.

British Gas Business Energy Bill Page 1
British Gas Business Energy Bill 2

If you are looking to save money on a business gas deal you will need the MPRN (meter point reference number), current contract end date and estimated annual consumption again. the formula is the same for both.

British Gas Business bill design – robert hempsall – information designer

So now you have all of the details and you've loaded them into into the Goswitch comparison tool, you will get a list of results back that looks like this.

You then just elect the electricity deal and or gas deal you want and we will automatically generate the contract for you and send it to the email you provided for you to sign. Our team will then process your new business energy contract for you and make sure its locked in with the new electricity supplier or gas supplier of your choice, and send you a welcome email to confirm your new energy deal.

Our trusted business energy suppliers

Comparing business energy tariffs takes minutes and we save our business energy customers on average over £1000 against their suppliers renewal offer. We have strong partnerships with most business energy suppliers. All you need is your recently issued gas and electricity bill using it to ensure the energy cost quoted is accurate. When your company requires more complex business energy such as half hourly contracts our team is more than happy to help determine the best business energy supplier for your usage. Then we'll find the best price for your gas and electricity for your business energy. You can find a full list of suppliers on our business energy supplier page here.

Business Energy Suppliers
Some of the suppliers we work with

Which is the best business energy supplier?

The average commercial energy bill will be different for any company throughout the UK. Factors such as the size of your business and its location can have a huge impact on your supplier and on the cost you pay for your business energy. A lot of people think that the cheapest tariff is not the best. Customers can choose to pay more money to get additional services from a supplier such as a portal to monitor your business energy, or an account manager. But sometimes it just comes down to cost so why not compare and find out today who is cheapest business energy provider?

Goswitch is not endorsed or sponsored by any  energy supplier. We are proud to be a completely fair and unbiased service. We believe this is the best approach to helping our customers compare business energy prices, so we will always filter your results based on the annual spend, lowest first.  If you are looking for more information about your new gas and electricity provider you can always visit our helpful page of business energy suppliers here. (link) We have written a brief description about as many business energy suppliers as possible to help you when you come to compare business energy quotes.

What factors affect my business energy quote?

There are many factors that can impact your business energy supplier and quotes you are receiving. This makes finding the right provider for your company hard. Goswitch takes all these factors into consideration when finding the best energy supplier and price for your business. We fine the most common areas that affect your business gas and electricity quotes will be, how much you use (estimated annual consumption), your contract end date and the type of meter you have.

Large business energy consumption & high-voltage consumption

If you use more than 500,000 kWh of electricity on a half hourly supply, or over 732,000 kWh of gas you are classified as an energy intensive or large business user and will require bespoke prices to obtain an energy contract or if you want to compare business energy suppliers.  You may also be classed as energy intensive if you have multiple sites.

If you require multisite quotes or large gas or half hourly quotes please contact a member of our team

Green Business Energy Tariffs

wind farm

When you compare business energy you'll notice most business energy suppliers, have various green energy tariffs for electricity and natural gas. Some business energy suppliers only offer environmentally-friendly products. We have linked the business energy suppliers reviews to our supplier page so you can see exactly what their customers think before making your decision on your next energy contract and which business energy supplier suppliers provide 100% renewable energy. We will compare the largest business energy suppliers in the UK and independent businesses energy suppliers without bias. Click here to see our energy range and see how much you can save using our comparison tool.

How much can I save by switching to renewable energy?

On average businesses that use Goswitch save over £1000 against their suppliers renewal, however this can vary widely based on your individual circumstances. Most suppliers charge a premium to offer you a 100% renewable energy tariff so this could potentially impact your savings when comparing against a standard energy tariff.

Reduce your carbon footprint as a business

If you have made the decision to switch to renewable energy you are well on the way to becoming more sustainable and reducing your carbon footprint as a business, these type of gas and electricity tariff's are backed by a Renewable Energy Generation of Origin certificate (REGO) or a Guarantee Of Origin (GOO).

If you want to go a step further and reduce the amount of electricity and gas you are using, check out our cutting small business energy guide.

Some of the most common changes businesses make when trying to reduce their carbon footprint are;

If you are looking to reduce your resilience on the grid and produce your own business energy there are more and more technologies coming into the market all the time such as solar panels, wind turbines or combined heat and power units or heat pumps. As technologies have improved they have become more cost effective and have given more uk businesses than ever an opportunity to evolve and become sustainable and self sufficient.

You can read more about energy generation here.

100+ Renewable Energy Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Can I switch business energy suppliers while in contract?

As soon you agree to a business energy contract it can be difficult to leave while still under the terms. If there is still a contract between you and your existing provider you generally cannot switch, if the supplier does allow you to switch they may charge you high termination fees or even bill you for the energy not used.

If your company is moving to a new business premises under contract then you can change suppliers as the old contract will become void when you vacate the premises. Most suppliers will require at least 30 days notice when you vacate the premises so make sure the supplier is informed of the move date well ahead of the move to the new location.

Can I get a discount?

Some businesses offer smaller savings to customers who pay through direct debit. Discounts range from 2% to 7% depending on the business energy provider  you choose. Some industries are not required to pay The Climate Change Levy (CCL) or could qualify for a reduced rate or VAT and CCL or even renewable obligation.

There are a lot a myths in the energy industry about bulk procurement, buying baskets, reverse auctions, power of group procurement etc, the list goes on. The burning question is do any of them actually work and will I get a discount on my gas and electricity for using them?

Typically when a third part gets a price from a supplier, the supplier will offer the same price to every other third party that enquires for a price for the same business, they do this in the interests of fairness and as a broker will be giving you a value added service its up to them to decide how much they charge you for the services required.The only difference between third parties prices will either be their commission applied to the prices or the day they obtained the rates. When you are using multiple third parties, brokers or consultants to compare your business energy prices, you should ask them to deliver the rates on the same day to avoid any discrepancy in price or ask them to disclose their uplift.

To find out more about the different types of business energy comparison, read our complete guide to business energy comparison here.

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What is an MPAN and MPRN?

MPAN's Metering Point Administration Number refers your electric supply reference number. Its always displayed on your bill and tells the supplier information about your meter. See the image below for an example of what this looks like on a bill.

What is my MPAN, MPRN and meter serial number | British Gas business

MPRN - A MeterPoint Reference Number is a 10 digit number that simply determines your gas meters and where they are installed on your property, they will also be displayed on any bill from your gas supplier and look something like this

What is my MPAN, MPRN and meter serial number | British Gas business

It's important to get these right to when you are changing or trying to compare business energy supplier, as the type of meter you have at your property can impact your prices. Its also very important for the supplier to apply for the correct meter. If the MPAN or MPRN is incorrect they could potentially pick up the wrong supply in an erroneous transfer, although this is uncommon its always best to double check.

When you use Goswitch to compare your business energy, we check your meter details with the national database for electricity and gas using the address you provide. We refer to this as the supply address.

Does the energy price cap apply to businesses?

Ofgem introduced the energy price can back in 2019, to help  control the cost of domestic energy and protect consumers from price rises, and from suppliers charging astronomical out of contract prices or variable prices. This does not however currently apply to business consumers. If you have forgotten about your energy contract or have move onto a out of contract rates, variable rates or deemed rates you will be billed on the suppliers prevailing rate for any of these energy tariffs.

Its important if you have moved onto any of these rates that you compare and move back into a contract as quickly as possible to take control your energy costs, as you are not protected by the price cap.

Can my current supplier cancel the switch?

When you chose to switch your business energy supplier, your current energy supplier may object to the transfer or stop you from switching if any of the following points apply to your situation.

When you use Goswitch our team will be on hand to help with any objections and assist with the transfer of your business energy contracts. If your supplier does object its usually a simple process of resolving the objections and notifying the new supplier of the correct contract start date.

How long will the switch take?

We will always apply for the day after your current contract ends. If you are out of contract, most suppliers take up to 30 days to switch you over, however this will differ for each supplier. We will update you with an estimated start date as soon as we have it for you.

Can I contact someone to talk about my contract options?

Yes of course, you can email and one of our team will be able to help you.

Do I need to submit termination with my current supplier?

Yes, please make sure you’ve already submitted termination with your existing supplier and paid all outstanding invoices. While we can help you do this if you have not already, it's always better to do this first.

What is a Letter Of Authority?

When you switch energy contracts with any comparison service, broker, consultant or other third party intermediary, you need to give consent that you are happy for them to process the contract with the supplier on your behalf.

How many suppliers do you work with?

As of today it is 65+, but this varies as more suppliers enter and leave the energy market. You can be sure that we are always looking to build strong relationships with as many suppliers as possible to give you the best view of the marketplace.

Do you handle the switch?

Yes, once you’ve signed your documents through DocuSign, you can sit back and relax. We take your signed contracts and any other supporting documents to the new supplier to lock the contract in for you. You’ll receive an email from us to advise once this has happened. Finally, you’ll receive a welcome pack from the supplier with your new contract, terms and conditions, and any other useful information.

Are you impartial?

Yes, we are proud of the fact we don’t unfairly promote any supplier or contract for financial gain. We simply filter the results for you by lowest price first. We believe that you should be in control of who supplies your energy and how long for.

Will I pay Goswitch or be billed by Goswitch?

No! We are not a supplier, and will not bill you for electricity or gas, ever. Your bill will be from the supplier you choose.

How much does it cost?

The Goswitch comparison tool is free. If you decide to go ahead and switch, we get paid a commission from the supplier, which is already included in the prices we quote.

What happens if my supplier fails, goes bankrupt or through the SoLR process?

If this does happen to your supplier, the first port of call will be for the entity to try and be sold, if this isn’t feasible, Ofgem will intervene and evoke the SoLR process and appoint another supplier to take on the customers of the failed suppliers. You can find more on the intricacies of the process here. Our main advice is to remain with your current supplier until a new one has been appointed, and to take a meter reading ready for the new supplier.

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